Farming and livestock are extremely important to the community as it is the main source of food. It is common for folks to either trade or sell food in order to feed themselves and their families. The Renand Foundation is committed to enabling individuals to become farmers and create an industry for livestock as part of the sustainability mission. There are several programs we have in place to do this.

Chicken Coops

Building and maintaining chicken coops as a very effective and inexpensive way to provide food. By doing this, individuals can provide eggs to be sold in the marketplace, eggs for student meals as well as eggs for food. Additionally, the chicken themselves breed and can be sold for food or to start additional businesses.

Mama Goat Program

The Mama Goat program was created for women who wish to have their own business in this industry. It provides one goat to each woman with the commitment from the woman that they will return their first two female baby goats to the Renand Foundation. Other than that there is no cost. The woman can then sell milk, additional goats and cheese. It is common for other farmers to provide male goats for a fee for reproduction purposes.


In Haiti all children that go to school are required to wear a uniform. Stores are not available for most parents to shop at. The Renand Foundation has employed a group of women to make the uniforms for our schools creating jobs for them and providing a much-needed service. Currently, they are making masks in addition to uniforms in order to protect against Covid 19.


Plantains are a key part of the Haitian Diet. They can be eaten at every meal and sometimes are the main dish. The farmers who are part of this program can sell the plantains at the marketplace as well as to the schools and afterschool programs. In addition to sustaining their families they can also use the profits to send their children to school.


The Renand Foundation continues to create jobs by building homes, businesses, schools and other structures. Please inquire on how you could help with this effort through donation and our voluntourism program.


Cattle Farm Program

The Renand Foundation is looking to add cows to its farming program. This could provide milk and cheese to sell at restaurants and hotels in addition to providing food for the farmer’s families. This would also create a new industry that would add additional jobs for the farming program.

Beads of Love

This would create jobs for women in the community by making gemstone bracelets. The money raised by selling these bracelets would go towards the salaries of the women which could be reinvested into their business and the community.

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