Disaster Relief

Dear Friends:

Last weekend there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. This has severely impacted the already extreme living conditions in Haiti. Thankfully, our team is okay, however other friends of the Renand Foundation are in dire need of your support due to extensive damage. Building have collapsed, deaths and injuries have occurred, and people are without food and water. Help is needed to clean up and rebuild along with obtaining basic necessities like food and water. To make matters worse.

They are looking at the potential impact of Tropical Storm Grace while aftershocks continue creating fear and in trepidation. In order to help in the best way possible, we are combining our efforts with other small local organizations on the ground in Haiti to ensure that the money you donate goes directly to the people who need it. The Renand Foundation along with the other organizations we are partnering with are committed to giving 100% of your donations to the people in the affected areas. If you have the means to send anything, please do as every dollar helps.

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