Elementary Schools

Ecole Communautaire Mixte Bon Berger

  • Number of children: 231
  • Number of employees: 21

Institute Mixte Nouvelle Semence (IMNOS)

  • Number of children: 43
  • Number of employees: 10

Institution Chretienne La Houlette Du Berger

  • Number of children: 100
  • Number of employees: 12

Aigel Kindergarten and School

  • Number of children: 162
  • Number of employees: 13

High School/University

  • The Renand Foundation supports high school and university students by providing financial assistance to cover the costs of tuition and uniforms.

Children’s Center

  • providing tutoring to children via after school programs. English is taught here as well. Meals are served to the children.

Monchil Children’s Center

  • 50 children served
  •  Number of employees: 4

Marbial Children’s Center

  • Number of children: 110
  • Number of employees: 10

Adult Education

Teaching reading and writing in Creole

  • Number of employees: 2
  • Number of children:  47 women
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