Renand Foundation

The Renand Foundation believes that education is key. There is no free public education in Haiti. With the average income less than two dollars a day, access to education is nearly impossible.

So, at the Renand Foundation, access to education for the poorest children is our key focus.  Hundreds of our supporters provide small monthly donations that provide for tuition, books, supplies and uniforms to children who would otherwise have no opportunity for an education.

The two schools operated by the Renand Foundation now provide classroom learning to over 700 of Haiti’s poorest children. The schools are staffed with teachers, administrators, and tutors who provide education to children from kindergarten through 6th grade. Unlike most rural schools where classes are taught in Creole, these children are also taught in English and French—which we believe will create greater opportunity for them in the future. Through our lunch program each student is provided with a meal — often, the only meal they will receive that day.

Additionally, we support three after-school programs where the children go to study and receive further assistance from tutors and volunteers. And, since very few homes have electricity, these programs are frequently the only place where students can complete their homework.  Knowing that their children are cared for and fed, gives parents the opportunity to hold full time jobs.


The Renand Foundation also supports children who wish to attend high school and/or university by providing their tuition and uniforms. We are proud to say that we have many graduates as a result, but of course, we would like to have an even bigger impact.