Renand Foundation

The Renand Foundation is fortunate to have donors like you who make our work possible.  Your support helps us fulfill our mission of ending childhood slavery in Haiti through building sustainable communities.  We are grateful for your partnership in building a better tomorrow for the children of Haiti, today.

Your donation can make a huge difference.


Our elementary schools and after-school programs educate nearly 700 children who would not otherwise have an opportunity to learn.  With your support, we can equip our school programs with solar power, internet access, computers, projectors and libraries.

For $35 a month a child is provided with a life-changing education that includes tuition, uniforms, books, and a healthy lunch every school day.  Students also receive basic healthcare services at our Medical Clinic.


Our Medical Clinic is the only healthcare facility for a community of nearly 18,000 people. With your support, the clinic is staffed by three full-time doctors, several nurses, lab technicians and administrative staff.

We provide essential diagnostic and healthcare services.  Your participation can make a meaningful difference, for example, by helping us to purchase medicines and vaccines, to offer family planning education and prenatal care, and to provide preventative care, including crucial HIV outreach.

All of this is provided free of charge to a community that otherwise would have no access to healthcare.

Community Sustainability

Our agriculture program teaches area farmers how to best utilize their lands to grow sustainable crops and works with the community to plant trees to rebuild Haiti’s forests.  With your support, we also create a variety of opportunities through a chicken co-op.

Farming Sponsorship

$90 purchases one female goat; $400 purchases one cow; $15 purchases one chicken

Nutrition Programs

$12/month will feed a child for a month

Family Sponsorship

$170/month will support a family of four. This includes the child sponsorship benefits above as well as employment in the foundation for one adult in the family.

Medical/Dental Sponsorship

$100 per month will help support the wages of our medical professionals and will aid in the purchase of medication and dental suppliers.

Join Us in


Consider a “voluntourism journey” with us! Similar to a mission trip, we add a lot of fun and exploration to the journey!

Take the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, while enjoying the experience of a lifetime! Please consider joining us!