Lavanneau Medical Clinic

The Renand Foundation’s Medical Clinic in Lavanneau serves a community of 18,000 people. It is the only clinic that provides critical and general healthcare to the community. In addition, it is the only prenatal care clinic, the sole provider of vaccines to prevent disease and protection against Covid; and the only laboratory which allows us to provide lab results and verify health issues for proper treatment. All of this is free of charge through the generosity of our donors.

Dental Program (volunteers from the US)

The Renand Foundation Dental Program has been operating through the kindness of volunteers. Each year a number of volunteer dentists and dental assistants join forces to visit Haiti to provide dental education and care to the community. The visit includes teaching preventative care and the importance of such care, as well as treating dental ailments on the spot.

Future Programs:

Through donations and sponsors we are looking to add additional programs to benefit the community, including:

Family Planning Services

Most families have no access to family planning or birth control, which leads to families larger than parents can provide for. Decades of excessively large families has led to a tradition of restaveks in Haiti — poor families giving their children to richer families with the hope that the children will be fed, sheltered and educated. Typically the young children become household, slaves, often subject to sexual abuse. This important program will help parents better manage the size of their families by providing them with both education and effective planning tools.

Dental Clinic

While the existing yearly program has been successful in providing dental understanding and care, there is a need for care on a regular basis to provide immediate treatment before ordinary dental diseases require emergency action. Our goal is to build and staff a clinic that would be open year round.

HIV Outreach Program

Many individuals suffer from HIV and all too often, they spread the infection due to lack of knowledge and lack of medical care. Hence, the spread of this disease has been difficult to control. With education and medication, we hope to reduce the spread of HIV and help treat infected individuals so they can live productive lives.

HPV Vaccination Program

HPV is a very common virus that can lead to cancer. Currently, Haiti has virtually no access to the HPV vaccine and not having access to the cancer screenings which can detect cancer early while it is still treatable, is almost nonexistent. Our goal is to create awareness of the dangers of HPV and to  provide the youth in the community.

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