Chicken Coop(s)

  • Provides eggs for student meals
  • Provides eggs to be sold in the marketplace
  • Provides employment for 6 people

Mama Goat Program

  • Provide 1 goat to a female farmer
  • Farmer commits to returning first 2 female baby goats to Renand Foundation
  • 105 female farmers have benefited from this program


  • Focused on providing small business loans to single mothers
  • Have provided loans to more than 50 people
  • Loan recipients pay a 10% fee. Those monies go to pay the tutors of the children whose mothers are the small business owners.

Pilot Program

  • Loan recipients have opportunity to reinvest their earnings into the program to support other women in obtaining microloans. Their return on investment is 50% of the dollars they have invested.

Feeding Program at the school

Provides jobs to 3 cooks and one charcoal lady. In addition, we purchase the food from the local farmers and grocery vendors

Seamstress Program

We have four women who make the uniform for our school children. Currently they have been making masks to protect against COVID-19.

Banana Plantation

  • Provides 3 jobs and education for 5 children.
  • Some of the produce is used in the feeding program at the school
  • Some of the produce is sold in the marketplace
  • Monies that are earned go to support the education of the plantation employees’ children


  • Continue to create jobs by building homes, businesses, and other structures


Cattle Farm Program

  • Grow farm to 100 cows
  • Produce milk and cheese to sell at restaurants and hotels
  • Create jobs for farmers and provide education for their children

Beads of Love

  • Create jobs for women in the community by making gemstone bracelets
  • Dollars raised by selling the bracelets will go toward the salaries of the women and will be reinvested into the business and community.
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