Renand Foundation

Leadership team in Haiti


Managing Director

Maxeau PIERRE is the Managing Director of Renand Foundation. He is a lawyer and is currently doing his master's degree in public law at Institut Universitaire des Sciences ( IUS ) Before studying law , he studied computer networking in the Dominican Republic and holds a Cisco Certification in CCNA and IT . He is also certified in management and leadership . Prior to working with the Renand Foundation, Maxeau worked for Friends Of Haiti, a Canadian NGO formed help Haitians with education an healthcare. In July 2019 , Friends of Haiti and Renand Foundation merged and Maxeau started working as the Managing Director of Renand Foundation with responsibilities of overseeing all the programs, report to the Board Members and represents the Foundation in justice. Maxeau PIERRE is passionate about his work because he thinks that is the best way for him yo give back to his community and leave the world better than he found it .


Asst. Director

Djepson Pierre, Assistant Director Djepson Pierre is from the North of Haiti , he holds a certification in electronic engineering and Project Management. In order for him to pursue his dreams that was to work for a non-profit , he has moved to Jacmel in 2016 to work for RENAND Foundation as local manager with the responsibility of orverseeing all the programs. As the organization was expanding , In 2019 , Maxeau joined the Renand Foundation and Djepson as a very humble human being welcomed him in the leadership team as Managing Director and accepted to be his Assistant Director with the main responsiblity of manging the organization's projects . Since then , they have been the core leaders of the Renand Foundation in Haiti .


Superintendent of Schools

Fanel LEME Administrative professional, teacher, translator, holder of an associate degree in administration at Pennfoster Career School, Pennsylvania, certified in special needs education Children at Alison University, holder of a diploma in French language studies at France Education International. He had the opportunity to serve a bunch of NGOs, such as: IOM (International Organization of Migration), MSF (Doctor without Borders), CCH (Community Coalition of Haiti), HAF (the Hand and Feet Project), Canadian Forces. Mr LEME is the Founder of Eagle School Haiti. As of now, he teaches Haitian Creole online and he does serve the Renand Foundation as a Superintendent.

Leon Laurent

Senior Case Manager

Leon Laurent is a young Haitian man who has a big vision for his country . Unfortunately he would lose his parents when he was still very young . Right after graduating from High school , he decided to start looking for a job so he could support himself and his litlle sisters and brothers. In January 2017, he has found a job with the Renand Foundaion in Jacmel and he had to leave his family in the north to be the senior case manager ever since . So far , he has a been a a great employee who is committed to contributing in the changing process of his beloved country .


Medical Director

mission is to create a model for building sustainable communities across Haiti with our focus in the southeast region of the country in and round the town of Jacmel in our efforts to eradicate child slavery. We will accomplish this by providing mission is to create a model for building sustainable communities across Haiti with our focus in the southeast region of the country in and round the town of Jacmel in our efforts to eradicate child slavery. We will accomplish this by providing

Board of Directors


Founder, President, & Chair of the Board of Directors



Roy F. Waldron retired in 2018 as Senior Vice-President and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel at Pfizer Inc. At Pfizer, he led a global team of attorneys and professionals‚ and worked closely with R&D‚ business licensing & development and business units on legal matters. He has been published numerous times and has served as a panelist and keynote speaker. He is currently on the Board of Directors of Starton Therapeutics, and the Advisory Boards of Pike Therapeutics and Insulife AS. Roy holds a JD from New York University School of Law‚ a PhD from Yale University and a BA from Dartmouth College.


John has over 30 years’ experience in the wealth management industry in the leadership of project, product, change, knowledge, and program management. For over 20 years he led both operation and technology teams in the processing of both domestic and global securities initiatives. John offers the Renand Foundation proven project management, problem solving, strategic planning, accountability, and organizational skills. He has a compassion for trying to make the world a better place by helping others to be their best.


Board Member


Board Member

Dennis Roy

Board Member

Dennis is a seasoned healthcare professional whose career has been driven by his passion to improve access to high quality healthcare for all with patient advocacy serving as the pillar of his work. Prior to retiring in December 2019, Dennis served as a leader for two international healthcare companies (Cigna and Aetna), and one regional (BCBS of Massachusetts). Dennis practiced as a Registered Nurse in Boston, including Brigham & Women’s, Deaconess and The Arbor. Originally from Boston, he earned a BS in Nursing degree at the University of Massachusetts and a MBA at Boston University. Dennis moved to the Fort Lauderdale area in 2004. Dennis is looking forward to contributing to the Renand Foundation’s mission and utilizing his experience in improving healthcare for our friends and neighbors in Haiti.



George Zuber is the president of Buddha Dog Productions, which produces social impact documentaries and short narrative films. Recent films include Where Justice Ends, narrated by the Tony award-winning actor Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Just Gender, narrated by Tony and Emmy award-winner Bebe Neuwirth (Cheers, Madame Secretary). Among his many community activities, Mr. Zuber served as a member of the Boards of Directors of Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), the Actors Fund, Lambda Legal, SAGE USA and the OutShine Film Festival. Prior to retirement, Mr. Zuber was a partner with the international accounting and consulting firm, Deloitte LLP.

Alan Cohen

New board member

Alan is a seasoned educator who has filled many roles: teacher, principal, head of school and Network Leader providing support and supervision for principals in 32 New York City schools, Principal of Journey Prep in the Bronx, and Head of Lower School at The Portledge School. Alan is the Co-founder of Project Zero New York; he has worked with educational systems and corporate and community organizations. Alan has led national and international projects on educational leadership, creativity and joyful learning, progressive education and parent and community engagement. Cohen speaks extensively in Canada, China, United Arab Emirates and the United States. Additionally, he serves on several national and international boards. On any given day, he could be learning alongside children, touring schools, speaking with parents, meeting with government officials, presenting professional development or mentoring aspiring leaders. Cohen believes that the difference between a good school and a great school is one where everyone is teaching and learning. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College and holds a Master’s of Science, from New York University. He is a Cahn Fellow at Columbia University. He is also the recipient of the Time Warner Principals of Excellence Award and the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award from Education Update. Cohen served as Co-Chair of the Harvard Principals’ Center Advisory Board, Emeritus.