Growing up in Cuba, I fell in love with Haiti after reading The Kingdom of this World, a novel that speaks of the Haitian Revolution. Fast forward almost 30 years later, and living in the US, I had the opportunity to work in Africa. While there, I fell in love with humanitarian work. Upon leaving Africa and returning to the US, I continued my education, never forgetting about the passion I developed around humanitarian work, and my love of Haiti. As I was finishing my studies, a friend told me she was moving to Haiti to take over an orphanage. I asked her if I could go with her and she agreed. We first went to Haiti in January of 2015.

One of my first learnings was of the restavek problem. Restaveks (“child slaves”) are children from families in rural communities. Because families are typically large, and parents often do not have the means to care for all of their children, they will give their children to families in larger cities that they believe have the means to provide a better life for the children. Unfortunately, this often leads to human trafficking and child slavery. There are currently more than 400,000 children in Haiti considered restaveks. This trip lead to my desire to dedicate my life to creating sustainable communities in Haiti, and the ultimate formation of the Renand Foundation in March of 2015.

The Renand Foundation began by going into rural communities and looking for families who were going to give their children to other families due to financial constraints. We began meeting families who had children who were restaveks, and the focus was to prevent other children from becoming restaveks, while trying to return the lost children to their families.

Today, we are an organization that has four schools, a medical clinic, a mobile clinic, and two children centers, which provides after school support, tutoring, and meals. We build and repair homes, create industry, provide medical/dental care, and the work continues, as the opportunities are limitless! We are excited to be supporting our brothers and sisters in Haiti in building sustainable communities so that they can grow, prosper, and support their families, ultimately ending the restavek problem!

Please explore our website and look around. We would love to hear from you. Consider joining us on a trip to Haiti. Lastly, we ask for your financial contribution toward our continued efforts in supporting the people of Haiti in becoming prosperous and enjoying the same opportunities that many of us have enjoyed.


With gratitude,

Dr. Andis Tamayo, EdD.


Our mission is to create sustainable communities across Haiti in our efforts to eradicate child slavery.  We will accomplish this by providing education, quality healthcare (medical/dental), building homes, and creating industry.


Our vision is eradicate child slavery in Haiti.

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