Renato has made it his life’s work to improve the lives of everyone he comes across, one person or child at a time. His career as a licensed physical trainer and founder/owner of two fitness studios is dedicated to helping others live healthier lives and make healthier decisions.
Renato never saw the world and just accepted it; he makes the world his own and works to improve it for everyone. He has a passion for helping others that drives his everyday decisions. His most memorable clients are those whose health issues improved or vanished thanks to his guidance- tales he humbly tells not realizing his full impact.
Mr. Silva’s desire to help one person at a time began as a child. While growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil in a middle-class family, he learned his best friend was not as fortunate as he was, often struggling for basics like food and clothing. Renato welcomed his friend into his life, sharing everything he had thereby empowering and enabling his friend to work towards a better life.
The effect his simple acts had on improving the life of a friend stuck with him throughout his life and continues in his work with the Renand Foundation. Mr. Silva’s passion for Haitian children emerged when he learned about this world, so close to our own, yet struggling in seemingly every way- geographically, economically and politically. Renato Silva was shocked to learn that young children were sold into an accepted form of servitude just because their families could not afford to feed or house them.
Renato’s heart immediately went out to these innocent children. He flew to Haiti to learn more about the Haitian children’s plight. He was shocked to find a nation with 80% of the population living below the poverty line. Two-thirds of the children suffer from malnutrition, and fifty percent of primary-aged children are not enrolled in school because their families cannot afford it. Without an education, these children are fated to continue in poverty with no path towards a better life.
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