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Dental Health Program

In 2016 Renand Foundation learned that a toddler died of dental infection;  this child lived near the village where the foundation has begun its work to stop child slavery (the village of Bassin Bleu, Haiti). We knew that by providing access to preventative healthcare and treatment, we could keep many families from becoming so strapped with healthcare issues and bills that they would resort to selling a child to wealthier families to “work” as indentured servants.
What we didn’t realize, is that by finding partners, such as Narducci Dental Group, we could help save children from not only slavery, but from premature death as well. 
The Director of Dental Health Programming, Carlos Maza, is spearheading a campaign to send an oral health team from Florida to Bassin Bleu, Haiti where they’ll see over 450 patients in just 4 days! (We make sure your donation is used wisely and with conservative discretion so that the most lives can be saved/affected.) Scroll down for a letter from Director Maza to his team regarding their goals:


Please support one of the teams below:

Narducci Dental Group

Narducci Dental Group

Narducci Dental Group joined us in this amazing cause (see attached pictures) and now we want to continue to grow this amazing program with your help.

Our next trip is programmed for April 27th to May 1st , and we need your help to make this dream come true.  There are several ways you can help, you can travel with our group, you can raise money to fund the trip (travel expenses and supplies), you can get involved with the organization, you can donate!.

We are trying to raise $10,000 before April 15th via gofundme.  Post it on your Facebook, get your patients involved, friends and family… ! Maybe even your own dentist ;-)

We are fundraising to take a group of 3 dentists and 3 assistants (traveling expenses are form $1200-$1500 per person, depending on origin of flight).

Share this email with anyone who wants to help save/improve  the lives of children in Haiti. Let’s see what we can do together!