Education is Key to a Better Future

To date, quality, widely available education remains one of Haiti’s most daunting challenges.

Though the Constitution requires that a public education be offered free to all people, the Haitian government has been unable to fulfill this obligation. It spends about 10% of the federal budget on the country's elementary and secondary schools.

A quick Wikipedia search shows:

  • Nearly 33% of children between the ages of 6 and 12 (500,000 children) do not attend school
  • The climbs to 40% for children ages 5 to 1
  • Close to 60% of children drop out of school before receiving their primary education certificate
  • While the mandated age for entering grade 1 is 6, the actual mean age is nearly 10
  • Students in grade 6 are on average almost 16, which is 5 years older than expected.
  • The majority of schools in Haiti do not have adequate facilities and are under-equipped
    • Some 58% do not have toilets
    • 23% have no running water

The great news is: you can make a huge difference from afar.

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