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While none of the children in Bassin Bleu are overweight, 60% of the youth suffer from high blood pressure.  There are no extracurricular activities, physical education classes or sports programs in school.  Consequently, children are unhealthy, have less sense of community and run a high risk of becoming restaveks.


The Renand Foundation is starting a sports and fitness program September 2017, at the local grade school in Bassin Bleu.  A combination of fitness, martial arts and sports will be part of the daily curriculum taught to 200 students from grades 1 through 6.  

Bassin Bleu's Fitness Trainers

The Renand Foundation has hired 5 fitness trainers to teach at the school in Bassin Bleu.  Currently undergoing rigorous training in preparation for the new school year, the trainers are tested every 6 weeks on their fitness level, skill and applied knowledge (ability to teach).  In addition, they are challenged with continuing education.

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  • Fitness

    We are teaching the children stretching, conditioning, strength training and calisthenics.  We are measuring the fitness level of each student at the beginning of the school year and at the end of each quarter.  

  • Martial Arts

    We are teaching the children a combination of boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  We bring guest instructors on the voluntourism trips to help with the trainers continuing education and work directly with the children.  Our goal with Martial Arts is to increase self confidence, instill discipline and teach them to defend themselves.

  • Sports

    We are teaching the children fundamentals of soccer (football).  This is Haiti's most popular sport and resonates the most with the children.  They are hungry to learn and the Renand Foundation plans to bring soccer coaches to Bassin Bleu to help further this program.

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