Come on an adventure

A landmark objective of the Renand Foundation is to showcase the work we do in Haiti, spread the word. Further, get as many people involved as possible.

To support this mission, we’ve adopted Voluntourism: Volunteer work (working on community projects) and tourism (cultural events and nature adventures) combined.

Every 2 to 3 months, the Renand Foundation brings a group of volunteers to the island. We are diligently working to develop the infrastructure to support groups up to 40 people per trip in the very near future.

While in Haiti, volunteers meet the sponsored child or family, maybe establish the foundation for a future sponsorship, build a relationship and become an active participant in the daily lives of the communities we support. They also get to see the best the island and nature have to offer, while possibly challenging themselves hiking, running, exercising, swimming and tanning. 

While the average stay, excluding airfare, runs at about $1,000.00 per person, 100% of this revenue covers volunteers room and board with the balance going towards community legacy projects (build houses, library, trash program, community fund, etc). 

Every group that comes with us leaves a legacy behind. 

Tourism and Community Work