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It is the responsibility of the Wellness Program to create and implement sustainable programs for health and wellness in all areas of life of those with whom we work.

We work closely with our employees and sponsored families to bring awareness and opportunities that encourage productive and purpose driven lives. This is done through education and hands on assistance. Each sponsored family is assigned a Case Manager that checks in weekly so we can track progress and identify needs as they arise.

We work directly with the vision and in coordination of the local political and spiritual leaders so we are always respectful of culture and truly supporting their greater vision. We believe with a clear plan and teamwork, it’s possible that in one generation, Haiti will rise above the poverty and helplessness that we’ve witnessed. They are a strong people with great talent and dreams- together this can be fostered.
We are giving a hand up as we teach them how to innovate a new yet familiar way of life. One of the ways we do this is through our ‘Champion of the Community’ program. Any family sponsored by us, or anyone in the community who is gifted education, health care or necessities, agrees to trade work hours in this program. There are always a few initiatives to support and we find when there is an equal exchange of energy the citizens are empowered.

The Wellness Program is such an important aspect of what we do in Haiti because it addresses the most fundamental of human needs such as, food, water, shelter, health care, education and loving relationships.

What We Teach

  • Healthy Mind We know in order to bring about positive change we must shift the mindset. We focus on education and the importance of feeding the intellect as well as positive and constructive thoughts. We teach mindset, leadership development, creating and implementing plans as well as consistently working toward goals. We ensure all children are in school, all employees have continued education (after 6 months of employment) and all parents have a career path or micro loan opportunity. We built a library for continued education and are filling it with computers, a microscope, a telescope and books. Imagine what is awakening in the mind and heart of each student! We have a music program and are expanding on the arts in all areas. They are becoming capable, confident and committed to creating a better life.
  • Healthy Body

    Food, water and shelter are the most remedial of necessities that are so often taken for granted by those of us living in abundance. The Renand Foundation provides opportunities to provide these basic needs to our Haitian families. We teach about cleanliness in their home and environment and the importance of daily hygiene. We teach about infections and the basics of first aid. We use doTERRA essential oils as a first line of defense as local medical care is unavailable. There are high numbers of skin and systemic infections as well as emergencies that require immediate attention. Our trained staff are there to help. We also talk about the Laws of health and ways they can improve their daily habits. One of the most important things we do to empower is to provide education around their menstruation and fertility. This is imperative for both men and women. We also bring the educational programs into the Tree of Life Orphanage and two schools.

  • Healthy Planet

    Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean Island but because the government doesn’t provide a trash system, it is riddled with filth. Poverty abounds and because they have no resources or location to place trash, it accumulates in all personal and communal areas. Burning trash piles fill the air with toxic plastics that effect their lungs. We knew in order to clean up the properties, homes and communities we would have to help them understand why it was so important and what they could do about it. We talk about infections and how they spread from person to person and through the trash they’re walking in. We worked with Local political and spiritual leaders to designate two landfills. Then we created a trash initiative that ties in with our Champions of the Community program. On a weekly basis we have 31 part time volunteers that pick up trash three times a week along with our families, school children and Champions. By providing, picks, shovels, trash bags and wheelbarrows, the entire village is spotless in ONE month. I can promise you THIS is a huge deal! It is sustainable and the people are taking pride in their beautiful surroundings. It is our goal to duplicate this model in each rural community.


My team has been bringing essential oils into Haiti for over 4 years now. We started off providing oils for medical and missionary teams looking to protect their immune systems. This quickly turned into team members wanting to share within the communities they were working. The oils have become an invaluable resource for prevention as well as acute and chronic support. Our teams on the ground have learned the myriad uses and can effectively help their community through education and sharing the oils. Most of the people we work with will never have the opportunity to have medical care so the oils and local plant medicine may become their only option.  Almost everyone has some sort of fungal or bacterial infection and there are always illness, respiratory issues, burns, cuts and muscle and joint pain. The oils are the first line of defense but if our sponsored families need medical care, we will do our best to provide this as well. The challenge is that even with money, proper medical care is sparse and often times the hospitals don’t have what the patients need.  Essential oils are truly a gift from nature that has consistently proven their effectiveness.

We provide a comprehensive International training class preparing teams prior to departure as well as the protocol they can use pre, during and post travel.  In 4 years of traveling abroad, and being exposed to everything you can imagine, I have only gotten sick ONCE. It was on my last trip to Haiti and I had given away my 2 most important oils the day before we left. I got a bit lazy and thought I’d be fine- even though I was in a very sick and impoverished village loving and kissing on sick babies and mommas. I learned my lesson that day and I will always be prepared.


To keep the oils consistently available the program needed a great deal of fundraising so I came up with a very effective business model in which we can sponsor entrepreneurs who want to run our Wellness Program in our absence. Enrolling them into our doTERRA business provides education, employment, the oils we need to run our program and a residual income that pays their salary.  It’s a brilliant model that is creating solutions on many levels. We are enrolling entire Non profit organizations, churches and NGO’s as well as their staff and volunteers to create sustainable, residual incomes for all. Click this link for specific details on this program or HERE…to schedule your personal overview.

Days for girls and fertility bracelets

One of the most important aspects of my work is in empowering women. Imagine the expression of a mother of 6 children- 5 daughters, 40 years old, who finds out for the first time she can plan her pregnancies on purpose. She discovers that her body has a rhythm and cycle and that she can be in tune with it. She experiences surprise, excitement and a bit of anger as she realizes it’s taken 40 years for someone to educate her about her body. THIS is why we do what we do- to empower women and to provide hope in communities where severe poverty is the norm. They can’t afford to feed their children, let alone provide education, housing or health care.  They don’t want upwards of 15 kids, but they are unaware of any other option. Many of these children starve or end up sold or given away to affluent families- they are trafficked into the slave and sex market.  Not because their parents are callous but to save their children’s lives.

I get extremely passionate about women’s health and education because it can eradicate this devastating problem. It requires a plan and some feet on the ground willing to consistently work with the men and women- we have both.  Protecting children and keeping families together is our mission and this is one of the several ways we are getting results.  In part, change begins with a mindset shift and we have an incredible and successful model. We provide Days For Girls reusable menstruation supplies that will last up to 3 years along with our LETs Bracelets for fertility awareness.  We also tie doTERRA essential oils into the program so they have access to first aid and natural health options. The majority of villagers have no medical options so this becomes their first line of defense. Our case managers check in weekly with each of our sponsored families, which allows us to track their results and needs consistently.

Days for Girls

LETs- Lunar Essential Tracker

Learning about the phases of your menstrual cycle and fertility for the first time can feel exciting yet a bit daunting as you consider HOW you are going to know when your ovulating or when to expect your next period. In locations where there are no calendars, apps or even the knowledge of when your birthday is, tracking these simple concepts is very difficult.  I knew there had to be a way to create a clear vision during the childbearing years. The more I contemplated, I remembered a lunar tracker bracelet concept I’d seen many years ago and began thinking of ways I could implement it while creating industry in Haiti. Studies show an 89% success rate using this method. With some investigation I found and hired the Haitian Bead Company to make the LETs bracelets. This company employs 70 women to make beads from recycled trash! Through the sale of LETs 70 families are being supported and are able to provide their families the basic necessities of life!

Wearing a bracelet with a charm that moves with each day of the cycle is a constant reminder to the women of when they are most fertile. What has begun to happen is that the women are now communicating and teaching their men about fertility and there is empowerment for all. Mother’s are teaching daughters and so the future changes…..one life at a time. Periods with diginity- because they have supplies and fertility managed through awareness and tools- its an amazing gift indeed!

THIS project may be the MOST important gift we bring to our communities.

For each $20 braceLET purchased, we commit to bringing one Days for Girls reusable menstruation kit and one bracelet along with a 2 hour training to a Haitian woman.

Haitian Bead Company