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Renand Foundation:

Creating Sustainable Communities

Our mission is to create a model for building sustainable communities across Haiti with our focus in the southeast region of the country in and round the town of Jacmel in our efforts to eradicate child slavery.  We will accomplish this by providing education, quality healthcare (medical/dental), building homes, and creating industry.   By providing these services we help to ensure families can afford raising their children no longer need to give them away under the false impression that another family can provide a better future for them.

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Latest Update

In the community of Marbial in Haiti, which previously did not have access to the internet, Starlink is helping to connect students and teachers at schools and after school program centers, as well as at health clinics

What We Do


Humanity’s children are counting on ALL OF US to make this world a safer place for them.


There is nothing more fulfilling than hard work & exertion on behalf of a vision that really matters.


We partner with the community to create projects that result in sustainability.


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“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.”

Roy T. Bennett

What We’re Up To

Education Program Updates

Chapman Wilson Academy (former EMCBB School)

In Haiti the playground is the center of all student activities, from school meetings to fun and games at recess and the raising of the flag every morning.  At the Chapman Wilson Academy the playground was a big dirt field.  When it rained the children couldn’t get exercise and meet without getting covered in mud.  This year we were able to pave the playground in concrete to give the children a safe place to meet and play.

Additionally, at the academy we were also able to replace the roof in three of the classrooms, renovated the kitchen, enhance the security for our put up a block fence with a metal gate to enhance security for our students, installed an electrical solar system, and painted the school building.

This school is one of the only buildings in this part of the village with electricity. The solar system we installed allowed us to purchase fans for the school classrooms and will gives us many opportunities to purchase televisions, computers, and other equipment to improve their education.


The children center in Monchil, now has a brand-new computer room.  We were able to purchase fifteen laptops, added a professor and a developed a curriculum to prepare students graduating from elementary school and starting high school. 


Imagine if having a meal was a luxury. For most children in Haiti, they aren’t sure when or if they will get to eat again.   At both of our schools and our three children centers we are proud to say, 50,000 nutritious meals and over 10,000 drinks have been served so far this year.  For many of the children this is the only meal they will get for the day. 

As part of the program, we purchase all the food from local farmers, which helps to benefit the local economy.

Healthcare Program Updates


Our clinic continues to be a work in progress. When we started in 2018, it was two rooms in a small building. Triage was performed in the yard under a plastic drape to protect people from son and rain. Regardless, it was wet in rainy days, and hot during sunny days. 

In the past year we have seen a 70% increase in patients. As we continue to grow our services and see more patients the waiting room/triage area has become inadequate. This year we built a beautiful and well-ventilated waiting room that can accommodate up to 100 people at the time.   We are also proud to say we have been able to secure the clinic by adding a fence around the property and a gated entrance. 


Healthcare services continue to be one of our biggest budget items, this year alone we will spend $80,000 to provide free healthcare, vaccinations, lab test and prescriptions to a community of 18,000 people. 

With a 70% increase in patients the clinic has served over 3,600 patients since January. This includes:  

  • General Consultation: 2,760 patients
  • Children’s Vaccination: 762 children from newborn to age 5
  • Family Planning/HIV: 122 patients (new services)
  • Lab tests: 3,111 patients


Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  One of the challenges is the population growth far exceeds what the economy can support.  To decrease the rate of pregnancy, this year we implemented a family planning and HIV education and outreach services in our clinic.  This is the only clinic in this part of the country proactively providing trying to address these issues. 

The nurse that administers the program provides daily counseling classes, family planning and HIV prevention education.  She conducts the appropriate testing and provides the necessary prevention tools like, implants, condoms, and birth control injections.


Thank you for your continued support and generosity.  We could not do this without you. Every donation no matter the size is helping to make the world a better place.  With all that we have done it’s still not enough we are excited with what’s to come. 

We are getting ready to start the expansion of the Marbial Children Center, add one more classroom to the Snyder Jones Academy, explore the opening of a dental clinic, expand our family planning/HIV Outreach programs, and start a new after school program in Lavannue. 

We are heading back to Haiti in August and November. More updates will follow.  If your interested in joining us on one of our trips to see firsthand the amazing work we are doing, let us know.