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Protecting Children

For us, a successful child is rooted in a safe family and community environment. Education, health care and a strong local economy are the bastions of our solution .


Education is not free in Haiti. The Renand Foundation pays for tuition, books and uniforms for all of the children in our program. We also support local schools by building libraries, creating physical education programs and paying teachers salaries.

Community Outreach

The Renand Foundation is committed to providing mobile basic needs services to populations in need in Haiti. These services will supplement where existing infrastructure falls short of basic medical care, access to trade skills, local building construction projects and nutrition programs. We pair underprivileged youth, community mentors and outreach trip volunteers in a comprehensive child support solution.

Improving Economy

There are no handouts. We improve the economy through community projects designed to involve area families. We build homes, restore already existing infrastructure and cleanup the environment. These are just a few examples leading to hire local trainers, teachers, librarians, cooks, case managers, gardeners and farmers. This is your donations at work.


Our partnership philosophy is simple: we provide rural families in Haiti with the means and infrastructure to do what we believe them to know how to do best: good child rearing.

We facilitate, support, educate and get out of the way as we firmly believe a child’s success resides at home.

We facilitate micro loans, livestock and moto-taxi purchases.

We support job creation, home build outs and repairs, as well as access to medical services.

We educate a community by investing in teachers, case managers and related programs. 

Our Mission: Preventing Child Slavery

Our Partners

It takes a village to raise a child.

This proverb has been attributed to African cultures. And although its origins have not been confirmed, it holds true to the spirit of many African societies.

A child has the best ability to become a healthy adult, if the entire community takes an active role in contributing to the rearing of the child.

Following that principle, we ‘re building a network of partnerships with other Haiti focused NGOs geometrically enhancing the support offered to and impact on these communities.

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